Quality management system

Company created, documented and sustains quality management system in conformity with requirements set by ČSN EN ISO 9001:2001 and practices procedures for its effectiveness improvement.

Documentation requirements

Quality system management documentation contains:
  • documents about quality policies and quality objectives,
  • quality guide,
  • documented procedures required by ČSN EN ISO 9001:2001,
  • documents, which company needs for ensuring effective planning, working and control of its own processes,
  • records required by ČSN EN ISO 9001:2001 – their summary is also in standard SM03 „Records of quality“.

Extent of quality system management documentation:
  1. Quality guide (PJ01)
  2. Organization system (OŘ01)
  3. Nomination of management representative (RJ01)
  4. Nomination of internal auditors (RJ02)
  5. Quality politics (RJ03)
  6. Quality targets (RJ04)
  7. Internal communication and revision of management system (SM01)
  8. System documentation (SM02)
  9. Quality records (SM03)
  10. Internal audits (2M04)
  11. Directing of non-conforming product (SM05)
  12. Rehabilitation measure and precautionary measures (SM06)
  13. Metrological rules (SM07)
  14. Measurements, analysis and improvements (SM08)
  15. Realization documentation, laws and specifications (SM09)
  16. Resource management (SM10)
  17. Acquisition (SM11)
  18. Customer communication and contracting (SM12)
  19. Building preparation and realization (SM13)

Technological processes:
  1. Ground works and vegetation arrangement (TP01)
  2. Concrete works (TP02)
  3. Walling (TP03)
  4. Ceiling works made from reinforced spacing reinforcers and from ceiling elements (TP04)
  5. Classical plasters, thin-film plasters (TP05)
  6. Paint works in the interiors (TP06)
  7. Heat cladding systems (TP07)
  8. Interior floors, casing and paving (TP08)

Mutual activity between identified processes

Schéma vzájemného působení mezi procesy